What is Socialisting?

Socialisting lets you find apartments, jobs, and stuff from your friends and their friends.

On Socialisting, your friends and their friends post listings when they want something or have something available in the following categories:

•    Apartments
•    Jobs
•    Stuff for Sale
•    Services
•    Workspaces
•    Community / Social
•    Other

Every listing you see on Socialisting is from people you know or from people who know the people you know. Likewise, every listing you post will only be seen by your friends and, if you choose, their friends, too.

In other words, the people posting every listing you see and the people responding to your listings are vetted and verified by you and your friends.

Why use Socialisting?

Because all of us have sent (or received) an email that starts with: “Do you know anyone who_______?” That blank is often “looking to hire someone” or “needs a roommate” or “can work for me”. It’s hard to know exactly what all of each of our friends and their friends need or have available.

Socialisting solves this problem by making it easy for you, your friends, and their friends to post and respond to listings. What’s more, it’s also easy for you to import friends using your Facebook account.

Really. It’s that simple.


The story of Socialisting

Back in 2008 when the Great Recession started, Lawrence Lewitinn’s email box started filling up with resumes from friends asking if he knew of anyone hiring. Not sure which one of his other friends knew of job openings, Lawrence created a group on Facebook, coincidentally named “Lawrence’s List”. Lawrence invited all of his friends to join and post on the group’s “Wall” if they were looking for jobs or looking to hire people, even if temporarily. A few hours later, nearly two hundred of his friends joined up and about a dozen and a half people posted. Very quickly more friends joined and began posting that they were looking for apartments or roommates. Lawrence would also send out rather lengthy messages to the group every week extolling the virtues of each of his friends who posted and why they should be hired or why they would make great roommates. It wasn’t before long that friends told friends about Lawrence’s List and it grew to more than 1,200 people.

Lawrence also encouraged members of Lawrence’s List to create their own “lists”. Literally thousands of other people became members of curated lists started by a dozen Lawrence’s List members. And, those lists inspired even more people to start lists themselves. All those who ran the lists expended a lot of energy and effort into helping friends find one another to get the apartment they wanted or the job they needed.

After over two years of running his own list and seeing that running these lists become tough to manage on each list administrator, Lawrence came up with Socialisting as a better way to have people let others know of — or ask about — opportunities through mutual friends. And, the mutual friends would do it without doing any work at all. Just by merely letting users add friends who post and respond to one another, Socialisting allows everyone to help not only themselves but their friends, too.

Instead of things being dictated by only one person’s list of friends, opportunities can come from as many friends as you have. And, instead of everything coming from strangers with the potential of scams – or worse – Socialisting keeps everything within two degrees of separation. Everything you see is from someone you know or someone who knows someone you know. That’s it.

Helping your friends – or even yourself – find the right job, place to live, or anything else that’s needed can change lives. This is not an exaggeration. The first step is to simply create an account on Socialisting, add your friends and let them come together themselves. That’s all you really have to do. Well, that and, of course, comment on your friends’ listings and let the world know why your friends are the best.

Excited with all the great possibilities here for you and your friends? You should be. We are!